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Mississauga Kitchen Renovation with new granite countertop and oak cabinets and energy-efficient appliances

Thinking about getting the best kitchen renovation Mississauga you can find? Now is the time to call in our Mississauga home renovation contractors. They come with many advantages. Perhaps the most important home reno advantages are that you will be working with our experienced and licensed contractors. Our contractors have been trained and experienced in completing projects within the guidelines of the building codes and permits in your area. Therefore, when you hire our Home Renovation Company you can be sure that the products we use are of the highest quality and we will know exactly how to complete any bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation ideas, or basement renovations that may be required.

Another advantage of hiring our experienced and trained contractors is that you don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet for ideas. In fact, if you don’t already know of anyone in your area that does home improvements, you have come to the right place with our company. You can research all of the options available to you and then choose Home Reno Creations that offers the best combination of price, quality, and experience.

If you are not comfortable doing your own repairs and improvements then hiring a professional will definitely be a big advantage. It will save you a lot of time and energy as well as money if you happen to make too many mistakes. In addition, if you are uncomfortable with doing some of the work on your own then you might not even finish the project. 

Our kitchen renovation Mississauga contractors will be able to help you move some things around. Items such as cabinets or appliances in order to make the room fit better. In turn, this will increase the value of the home and make it much easier to sell. 

Skilled Kitchen Renovation Mississauga Contractors

There are many more advantages to hiring a home renovation company. For example, you won’t have to worry about finishing any tasks on your own. This means you can use your valuable energy on other important little projects around the house. 

Getting things done right the first time is what we do! You should seriously consider hiring our experienced and knowledgeable company today. After all, your home is worth a lot. You will feel better knowing that your money is well spent by going with a reputable company like Home reno Creations. 

One of the most important advantages of having us provide you our services is the fact that we are experienced at our job. No matter what type of project you are working on, you can rest assured that the people at our company are skilled and professional at making your home look beautiful. You will feel confident and peace of mind, knowing that no matter what we will take care of all that you need to be done.

We all spend lots of time online researching for various things in life, don’t stress anymore searching online for hours and hours for the best home renovation company in Mississauga. Home Reno Creations will get the job done right the first time! It is important that you understand the benefits. Some are that you will get more time to spend with your family because we will do all the work at the scheduled times we discuss with you. 

All our customers find that premium materials and products are always used in every project. It is never a better time than the present to do some home remodeling, so pick up the phone and call us now for a free no-obligation quote! Leave the hard work to our professional renovators and sit back and watch us transform your home and make you fall in love with it all over again!


There has never been a better time than the present to get that Home Renovation done. We all need a change in our day to day life and what’s better than making your home look exquisite and beautiful again. 

Whether you’ve been thinking about a kitchen, bathroom or a basement renovation, you have come to the right place! 

The best decision you will make is to hire our reputable and professional team to take care of all your needs. 


We take pride in the excellent customer service and quality workmanship we deliver to each of our customers!

With every project you get:

Home Renovation Mississauga remodel teardown of all the interior

Welcome to Home Renovations Mississauga

Welcome to Home Reno Creations Mississauga! Do you have plans to change the look and feel of your home? Are you looking for professional services in the home renovation business? Are you ready to start working with someone who is experienced in renovating your home?

There are many reasons why people choose our professional services when doing home renovations in Mississauga. For one, we get it done right the first time around! This reduces any sort of hassle later on. Also, by hiring Home Reno Creations, you get exceptional results, beautiful remodeling work as well as the best customer service possible. And, most importantly, it saves you from a lot of mistakes that inexperienced companies and homeowners might cause.

Our company offers and guarantees the best professional services at the best price in the City of Mississauga and the surrounding towns. Here are some of the services Home Reno Creations provides:

Design and Build- We specialize in designing and building additions to your home or cottage. Home Reno Creations provides free consultations on design and construction. Our services include single-home conversions, townhouse conversions, cottage homes, and luxury townhouses. We offer a wide variety of design options from contemporary to ultra-modern with ample choice of finishes. For top-quality services, expect only the best from us!

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling – Whether it’s a one-bedroom cottage or a sprawling three-story home, our experienced and knowledgeable contractors offer the best kitchen renovation Mississauga has to offer and the top bathroom remodeling services. We focus on providing the best customer service in the industry by ensuring that all our services deliver superior value for your money. Our services include: custom cabinetry, countertop installations, flooring restoration and installation, and more. In addition, for maximum efficiency and flexibility in use, we also offer energy-efficient appliances. For additional information on all our services, please visit our Home Renovations section on our site as well as calling us at any time.

Home Renovations – Our company specializes in high quality and convenient home renovations. We work with clients to ensure that their property is restored to its original beauty. For most installations, we use a state-of-the-art system that minimizes the risk of damage and requires the least amount of time for installation with all products you choose. We can perform any size project in a timely and efficient manner.

Home Reno Creations Mississauga ensures you are satisfied with any size renovation you throw at us. We make sure that all the work is done to what we agreed upon and stay on budget as much as possible. There are times when unexpected issues may arise with the renovation process such as hidden or out of sight issues or out of stock items. In those rare cases, we always make sure to work with our customers and make the budget work so we all stay on track as well as having the ability to replace products with similar high-quality ones. With our innovative ideas and modern techniques, you can enjoy a hassle-free renovation project. In addition, all our work comes with a 2-year guarantee on any of the services we provide to you, so you can relax knowing your investment is protected. So call us today for more information on Mississauga home renovations.

Kitchen Renovation Mississauga

When you think of steps for a kitchen renovation you may envision tearing down walls, lifting up floors, and reorganizing appliances and kitchen space. Open floor plans have been an undeniable norm in Mississauga and throughout the province and country. However, before we get started demolishing the old kitchen flooring and putting in the new kitchen ideas you have, we must first establish a clear design for your remodeling project. In the case of a Mississauga kitchen reno project, that means first establishing a blueprint on paper of how you want your kitchen to look and function. Ahead will outline what a proper kitchen design looks like:

The first design consideration is the layout of your new kitchen cabinets and the position of each in relation to one another, your countertop, and the natural flooring. To help you visualize your new design we first lay out your layout on graph paper using a pen and pencil before we move on to a computer 3D model. We can use a standard kitchen floor plan as a guideline to make sure that everything fits appropriately.

Once your layout is finalized, we can move forward with deciding where to install new kitchen cabinetry. In many cases old cabinets are simply unusable because they are simply too old. In some cases our remodeling crew may be able to install new cabinets within the existing walls. In order to save money while still preserving the integrity of your old cabinets, one option to consider is for us to refinish them (if they are still in good shape) to resemble the original styles. This will make them appear brand new at a fraction of the cost of replacing the cupboards.

When deciding whether or not to install new kitchen appliances or replace old ones, consider your options concerning countertops. Countertops come in a wide array of colors, stains, and materials. Granite and marble countertops are very popular choices due to their beauty, durability, and long lifespan. Some of the most common materials used for kitchen countertops include granite, stainless steel, limestone, soapstone, and wood.

On top of adding kitchen appliances, another thing to consider when designing your kitchen remodel is the layout of your kitchen walls. In many cases the design of your kitchen walls will dictate the layout of your cabinets and countertops. For instance, if you are planning on installing new cabinetry in the kitchen you should plan on building a new kitchen island. This is a space located outside of the kitchen that is commonly referred to as a breakfast nook, or a cozy gathering place for family and friends.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team has the experience to accurately measure and install everything from the countertops, cabinetry, and floor levels. Having your kitchen renovation done with Home Reno Creations will ensure that all the right measurements are done properly when the installation is complete.

Kitchen Renovation Mississauga with modern granite countertop and open concept kitchen
Mississauga Kitchen Reno with bright white Mississauga Cabinets and kitchen island

Bathroom Renovations Mississauga

Are you looking for simple yet effective solutions for your bathroom design needs? Do you need to understand the steps for a bathroom renovation? If you are looking to remodel your bathroom on a budget but still have all the modern features, you have come to the right place. Our bathroom renovation contractors will show you how we will optimize the bathroom space and improve the lighting. If you already have an existing bathroom but it lacks elements that make it special and beautiful, we can customize the existing bathroom with new fixtures and custom cabinets. Here is more information about the solutions for the bathroom remodeling needs you may have.

The first step we take to designing a bathroom is to create a plan and set a budget and then figure out a bathroom renovation cost. You can find many affordable options when it comes to fixtures and bathroom furniture. When we design a new bathroom, you will be presented with plenty of options. For example, you may want to choose a new sink, showerhead, countertops, bathtub, or paint the walls. Our bathroom renovation company will suggest alternative ideas for steps for a bathroom remodel. If you are going to purchase new materials yourself, such as tiles, they should be high-quality products that will last long.

Then our second step to optimizing space utilization is to consider lighting. Bathroom lighting can make the difference between a beautiful and functional space or a cramped and poorly lit room. When planning the layout of your bathroom, consider where natural light can come in. You should not have ceiling fixtures installed if they will not provide adequate natural lighting. You should try to keep the flooring, shower curtain, towel rails, and lighting in the same direction so that they do not obscure the view of the bathtub or the other fixtures.

Moving on to the third step for a bathroom remodel is to install new bathroom ventilation systems. We can redesign the exhaust fan or replace an old one with a more efficient model. You might also want to replace the existing ventilation system with a new, energy-efficient model. If the existing ventilation system is not powerful enough to draw the moisture out of the air, it could cause condensation on the windows and walls of the bathroom. This can make the bathroom unpleasant to use, even if there is no water accumulation on the surfaces.

Finally the fourth step is to plan what changes you want to make before we start remodeling your bathroom. You should work out a budget, which will help you keep within your financial limits. You should also draw up a list of the items you want to include in the bathroom, as well as the items you want to exclude when you are making your design plans. In addition, you will want to determine the best places to locate your bathroom sinks, showers, and toilets. We will measure out the space available for installing these items. In general, the more space you leave open, the more efficient your new bathroom will be. You should also consider the amount of natural light that you want in your bathroom since this will influence the color and style of the fixtures and other accessories.

Mississauga bathroom remodel completed renovation with new sinks and cabinets and shower
Mississauga modern Bathroom Renovation with floating countertop and cozy nook area

Dependable and Trusted Mississauga Home Renovation Company

Home Reno Creations is a Dependable and Trusted Home Renovation Company in Mississauga for many years! We help homeowners achieve their renovation dreams by providing: innovative and creative designs, top-quality materials, and knowledgeable, licensed, and experienced professionals. Our home renovation contractors have the skills and knowledge to transform your dream into reality. We will customize a renovation plan and create a contract that is perfectly suited for your budget and timeline. We work with you closely to ensure that every detail is addressed to your satisfaction!

Safety is a critical component of any renovation. Our contractors have all been safety trained and use extreme safety with all equipment for all of the people who are involved in the renovation. This includes electrical and mechanical systems, plumbing, and carpentry to name a few. A good renovating company will always have a certified and trained safety representative to assure that all renovation workers are familiar with OSHA requirements and use appropriate personal protective equipment while working.

Our renovation contractors are experienced and have a great deal of knowledge in the industry. We can help to give you advice on what will work best in your space and help you select the best materials for your project.

When you hire our company, you will be able to get a genuine and realistic idea of what your new living space will look like. We will typically come and visit your home and give you an up-close and personal look at the changes that will need to be made. You can expect to see things like walls that have been repainted, floors repaired or newly installed, ceiling coverings removed, new cabinets installed, and appliances replaced, and so much more.

Renovations are not something you can do yourself. Hiring a reliable and experienced Mississauga renovation company will guarantee that you will be satisfied with the end results. In addition, a trained and licensed contractor will be able to provide you with expert guidance as you make your arrangements. We will help you select materials, furniture, color schemes, and product options, among other things.

Don’t put off that home reno any longer. Let our team take care of every step of the renovation process, starting with the layout and design and ending with the completed spaces.

Mississauga Basement Renovation with new potlights and flooring and cabinetry
Basement Renovation Mississauga with new flooring and wall to wall cabinets and potlights

Basement Renovation Mississauga

So, you have decided to finally get that much-needed basement renovation done. Whether this is your first home or not that you’ve owned, you want to make sure you utilize every space available to you and your family. This decision you finally made will probably be the easiest of all your endeavors. But how do you make sure that you will not have to deal with major problems? How do you plan for one that will be effective and efficient? That is by hiring our basement renovation Mississauga contractors at Home Reno Creations! A good basement reno plan starts with a sound foundation on which to build.

The basement is one of the most under-used and abused parts of any home. It is not used as a living space; rather, it is mainly just a storage space for shoes, clothes, old furniture, and boxes that do not need a home. How to plan for a basement renovation should start with considering the amount of space that will be required in this room. This means that we will need to have an accurate measurement of your basement before beginning the design process. The better the measurements are, the more precise the basement plan can be. We take care of the whole process of measuring it all and giving you our detailed recommendation as to what is required for your basement renovation.

A basement is different from a typical living room in that it has no kitchen and typically has only one or two rooms. It is important then, to plan for the layout based upon the fact that the basement will likely have to serve as an extra living space. This is particularly true if the basement is on a short lot where there will be little natural light coming into the home. If your home has an exterior entrance to your basement, then that makes it a potential extra living space that can be rented out by having a small kitchen installed as well as other necessary requirements. Whether you have a basement in Brampton or you need a basement renovation Oakville contractor, we take care of all the stress involved in renovating your basement properly and to code in order for you to rent it out.

In addition to deciding on how to design the basement, another thing that must be addressed is soundproofing. The purpose of soundproofing in this case is to keep the noise out of the basement so that the family or renters can enjoy the space fully without the worry of being disturbed.

For anyone to get an idea of how to plan for a basement renovation, it will be important to consider the basement’s primary function, which will either be to serve as a storage space for the family’s belongings, an extension of the home where the family will spend valuable time together or a rental space for a potential renter. Once this is determined, the next step will be to select a design plan that will serve the purpose well.

How to plan for a basement renovation should start with the most basic elements, such as determining the layout of the whole basement, and our contractors coming in and taking measurements. Next, our team will help you choose a style and design plan that will best meet your needs as a homeowner. They have the experience in completing projects of this nature, and whose workmanship and attention to detail are second to none! The basement is a highly creative space that can become a wonderful escape in just about any home. Working with Home Reno Creations can help ensure that the finished space is completely functional and adds great value to your home.

Mississauga Home Renovation Project with new hardwood flooring
Mississauga Home Renovation remodeling project with granite countertops and custom cabinets

Home Renovations Mississauga

If you are planning to remodel your home, you might be wondering how you can proceed with your project? You may wonder what a kitchen renovation cost or a bathroom renovation cost might run you? Before you get started making a plan, make sure that you have all the details of your plan laid out, and that everything is on paper, including your budget, timeline, and list of products you want installed. When you make a plan, take time to think about what the end result would be, and what design characteristics you would like to include in the finished product.

The first step is to have our home renovations Mississauga contractors at Home Reno Creations develop an architectural plan, which describes the overall layout and direction of your project. In this plan, we will describe the dimensions of your room or space, and how we will use it throughout the renovation. Our contractors have the expertise to discuss with you all your ideas. Our designer has the skill and experience necessary to help you design the new look for your home. Choosing our team of professionals will help work with you and your ideas, and who are capable of creating a design that is appealing, eye-catching, and functional.

Once you have discussed all of your home renovation needs  with us we can move forward with the project and all the materials that will be needed as well as the timeline to accomplish this all. Our contractors will give their recommendations as to how we will go about the job and the total cost of the home renovation project. You are the one who knows your needs best and we want you to fall in love with the final product we create and finish.

After we have everything in place, we need to make sure that the space is free and clear for us to begin properly. It is important to choose all or most of your final products you want us to install throughout the renovation process. This process will ensure these products are available. There might be times where certain items might be out of stock or on backorder and we have to either wait for them to be restocked or choose a similar item instead. We always recommend looking for premium quality products as they are well built and last longer.

Our knowledgeable and trained staff take pride in the work that we do and we maintain a high standard of quality workmanship with every project. We guarantee customer satisfaction and that we only use premium quality materials.

Mississauga Home Renovation Design and Build home additions with new tile flooring and custom wood countertops
Oakville Kitchen Renovation with new kitchen cabinetry

Mississauga Home Additions

Planning home additions can be one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of owning a home. It can also be very expensive and time-consuming. Our home addition Mississauga contractors can help answer all your questions. There are many things to consider and many steps that must be taken in order to get the process started, and for the home addition cost to be kept low. For most people, planning a home addition is a fun experience, but it can also be frustrating if steps are not taken in a timely manner.

So what should you do when planning one? The first step is to draw up all of the property lines and house plans that will be required. All necessary building permits should be obtained before any construction begins and these forms should be completed by a professional architect, surveyor, or realtor.

Once property lines have been drawn and house plans have been approved, then it is time to begin the actual planning process. One of the most important aspects of planning this project is to determine exactly how much the addition will cost to build. To do this, there are several methods of costing a project including such things as average home sales, traditional home values, and Assessor’s appraisals. A Realtor can be very helpful in finding the average home sale price in your area, which can help to determine the home addition cost.

Some people choose to remodel existing rooms in their homes to increase the selling price, while others choose to add on rooms that they may use for children, such as a second bathroom or kitchen. By figuring out what rooms in your home are the most used, and then determining what additions will be required to accommodate those needs, you can better determine the home or business addition cost. If you are adding on a room that is not being used but is a family room, then you may be able to remove the wall and put in a new couch or dresser, thereby reducing the home addition cost and allowing you to use the room for other purposes.

Another important thing to consider is whether you will need new windows, flooring, and doors. New windows help to make the house more energy-efficient and can also add value to your home if you ever decide to sell it. Similarly, doors that are energy-efficient help to keep noise out of the home and allow you to enjoy quiet, lovely, pleasant evenings and weekends even if you live on the top floor of a multi-unit dwelling. There are many types of windows and doors available on the market today that are both beautiful and energy-efficient. All of these can easily add thousands of dollars to the overall value of your home. 

If you need to find the financing to pay for the addition, Costa and Home Reno Creations is able to help with that. We work with lenders to bring you the best possible financing solutions and plans for all your design and build residential and commercial projects. Often times, homeowners talk with their bank about taking out a home improvement loan. Whatever you decide, make sure you plan carefully and make the most of the extra space you are adding to your home.

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